Truth to be Told

Ideas and Their Impact

Ideas, ideologies, philosophies, all of these along with faith beliefs, which were the first form for building philosophies and ideologies, impact us every day in ways we may not really understand.  In addition, people hold very different understandings of what is meant by these.  Only by studying the history of ideologies and the characters and motives of those promoting ideas can you come to a balanced conclusion on the ideas held.  The dialog will be ongoing at

Semantics, the precise meaning of words, is important.  Candidates will have the opportunity to clearly and accurately enunciate their ideas on what government can do best; why they think so; examples of how it has worked, with their cost/benefit analysis.  

So everyone can have clarity on the characteristics of specific ideological positions we provide accurate definitions of each of these.  If someone has a new ideology we will ensure it is adequately explained and translated into what specific actions would then be acceptable from government, corporations, and others within their idea system.  

This is a compilation of original documents for ideologies available online.  We have tried to include all of these prominent in the 19th and 20th Centuries.  They are here so you can reference them for our ongoing dialogs.  

At this point in time most of the debate appears to be taking place between the ideological constellation associated with Progressivism and that of Individualism and Free-Markets.  We have published two essays, one by Edward Bellamy and the other by William Graham Sumner to provide an accurate, historical perspective on these viewpoints.  


Mein Kampf​​
Adolph Hitler