Truth to be Told

The History of Interactive Communications
Nothing is scarier to The Establishment 

Watch the video clip below from the PhoneVoter TV Network  program which ran for three weeks, 16 hours a day, in May and June of 1992.  The original included 15 minute unedited speeches from Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan.  
Both guys started gaining in the polls at the rate of 2% a day.​

Ross Perot declined to provide unedited speeches.  Instead, he arranged with PhoneVoter TV Network for the Agree - Disagree feedback from callers using a 700 Numbers.  It cost $.99 a call, but voters were frustrated and willing to pay to be heard.  Results went to their Congresscritters, providing impact from another direction.  

Here is the longer story, 1992 and the Debate Tournament That Did Not Happen.